My husband and I decided to change our eating habits after I had our second child. He has a lot of food allergies, one of which is an allergy of dairy. We also found out that he has a high sensitivity to a lot of preservatives. We overhauled our diet. Very little processed foods, little to no dairy, shopping “outside the aisles”, and focusing on freshly grown, local foods. We also shop organic as much as possible, and tend to make our own versions of things. ie: coffee creamer, spices, soaps, etc. The closer to the original form it is, the better… for most things. I don’t have a “raw” focused diet… just a clean focus. I try to have all meals be under 500 calories, and as clean as possible. Hope you enjoy! I either make up my own, or revamp others recipes to follow my rules. If you have a recipe you’d like me to try and re-vamp, just let me know!


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