Thanksgiving Dinner!!!

So, this year I did something a little bit different. I decided to do a separate turkey breast, and then a turkey leg for each person! FUN huh?? So… Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of everything, but I do have the recipes for everything! YAY!!!

So, if you want to know what to make next Thanksgiving, OR, just want to make an AMAZING turkey breast or turkey leg… stuffing, etc… here you go!


Turkey Breast:

It was a full Turkey Breast with the SKIN ON.

1/2 cup Tuscan Herb flavored olive oil (I got this from an oilery)
zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 TB garlic minced – split
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
1 lemon sliced
2 TB kosher salt
2 TB rubbed sage
3/4 cup chicken broth

Mix all of the above (except for the sliced lemon and chicken broth) together in a bowl and rub all over the chicken (over and under the skin, as well as under). Place into a large baking dish and pour the chicken broth into the bottom of the pan and then put the lemon sliced along the top of the turkey. Cover the turkey with foil tightly. Bake in preheated oven @ 350 degrees. I did mine 2 hours. It’s based on the rules here:

Turkey Legs!!!!!

Get FRESH, organic fed, free range turkey legs. I got mine from my local butcher. DELICIOUS! They only need to cook for a bit over an hour too!

10 Turkey Legs
1 cup sugar
2 TB hot sauce
1 TB garlic powder
3 TB kosher salt
1 tsp pepper
3 TB local organic honey
1 onion chopped
4 TB olive oil

Place the turkey legs in gallon size ziploc bags. In a bowl, mix together the dry seasonings. Split the seasonings between each gallon bag to make sure all turkey legs are coated with the dry seasonings. Then, split the wet ingredients between each bag and massage. Marinate overnight.

The next day remove the turkey legs from the bags and place onto a cookie sheet or into a baking dish and make sure to empty all ingredients over the turkey legs. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. For crispy turkey legs…. spark up the charcoal grill right at 30 minutes into the turkey legs baking. At 1 hour, take the turkey legs out, and place directly onto the grill and cook about 3 to 5 minutes per side to crisp up. DELISH!

Cranberry Sauce

Ok, so you think, oh! It’s Thanksgiving, we’ve GOT to have cranberries… but how do I make them?!

Here ya go! Do this before you start other quick things… you’ll want it in the crock pot for about 1-2 hours on low.

1 12 oz. bag of fresh cranberries
3 clementines – juice and zest
1 lemon – juice plus zest
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Mix all together into the crock pot and stir… put on the lid, place on low, and move on! 🙂 (Cook 1-2 hours until consistency that you like, and if not quite ready to eat… put onto warm)

Ok… the next post will be: Cornbread Stuffing and an Apple Raspberry pie… look for it! 🙂

And now, for the quote of the day:



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