I’m So Thankful

I am sitting here in my room, with my children actually playing nicely in the other room… on my computer that WORKS, in a house that I LOVE.

When I sit and be still and quiet and remember to be thankful to God for everything… I realize something. What I prayed for and hoped for from the time I was little… God has given to me! Do I still struggle, yes. Do I make mistakes and feel like a failure at times..? Oh yes! But I have a husband who LOVES me. He’s my absolute best friend and safe place in the whole world. The longer I am married to him, the better it gets. I love him more and deeper every day. I have 2 children. 2! I always dreamed of having 2 kids, a boy and a girl… and I DO! How blessed am I?! There are so many women out there that struggle. That want a baby so desperately… and they can’t! I will not question it… but man. Thank you God for blessing me with 2 happy and healthy children. I need to be thankful for them more often… and whine about the “stress of it all” a lot less. Being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I can say one thing for certain. I know it will be the most rewarding. There is no other job like this one. Where I am literally responsible for their eternity. Pretty heavy stuff! I’m terrified I’m going to royally screw them up, but I am going to fiercely love them…. and make sure they know I love them, in the process. Praying as I go, and leading them towards God in the process… and never thinking I know everything. Doing better to not compare myself and my parenting and my children to other families. Knowing that God’s plan for my house and my family isn’t the same as the people next door. Also, keeping in mind, that we never know what goes on behind closed doors. (If only my children would act better when in the grocery store aisle though… I’m reading a book about that now… I’ll let you know if it helps… lol)
I have a house… a house that I feel safe, and comfortable in. A home that I love being in! Looking at people around the world… it’s not that common. Really. How much I have… I am going to stop and thank God for it more often. Stop picking at the little things that I don’t like… and just thank for the things I do, because it’s a lot.
We got to take our children to Disney… wow. That’s all on that one. Pretty self explanatory.
I literally do not “need” for anything. My husband is an amazing provider. He is a hard worker and is great at what he does. When he’s home, he’s 100% home… and he is an AMAZING daddy. Amazing. I get choked up when I think about what a great daddy he is. My daughter is going to have a great example to know what to search for in a husband one day. And my son, he knows how to treat a woman… and future children. What a blessing. I grew up in a loving home. I got the chance to start cooking dinner 1x per week at a young age… became decent at it. I really enjoyed creating something and watching their faces as they actually enjoyed my food. I gotta say… now, watching my husband (at times my children… they are picky,.. that’s a post for another time…) slowly eat my food and enjoying every single bite. I LOVE that!

I wish I didn’t have to remind myself to be grateful. I wish that when my kids were screaming at the top of their lungs at each other because one stole the other one’s toy… I wish I could, in that moment, be thankful for every bit of them. But, alas, I am human… and I have to pray, ask forgiveness for my sinful tirade at my tiny wide-eyed children, and start over. Again. And be thankful for what I have… again.

So… doing better at being grateful for what I have… I also have a little bit of a talent at cooking. Creating things with food we can afford (Thank you God that I don’t have to decided between feeding me or my children… between housing and food… that I can effortlessly feed my babies…) and having fun with it! I seriously LOVE to cook. (Especially when I don’t have whiny cranky children at my feet… that happens sometimes! I will remember to stop and be thankful for that… I hope!) So…. Here I start. Back to blogging again. My aim will not necessarily be calorie counting. My direction will be clean eating, healthy portions, and… accessible foods. Meaning… less ingredients, easier to make. Unless I splurge. Which I do sometimes. 🙂 For fun… because, well, THANKFULLY, I can. Wow.

I now have to go and walk my dog… who is slightly crazy… and then cook my family dinner. And… I will then post the results of such, later! Just had to get this out. I have been cooking at least 5 nights a week and posting nothing… but I’ve got a storehouse of pictures and recipes to share! Watch out! It’s gonna be delicious! I can’t wait to enjoy more food!

Be Blessed,



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