Guest Posts Coming!


So my posting does seem sporadic as of late, but I don’t want to close down my blog. So, I am now a “sporadic food blogger”. When I get especially inspired about a new recipe I have, or find one that I cannot stop using, etc. I will BLOG it! Or, if I get into a run of new recipes that I actually write down, I will BLOG! I want to have these for the future! I may make a cook book one day! For now though… sporadic.

In the mean time, I have asked my uncle, a GREAT cook, to sporadically (when he has a moment… which may not happen often) do a guest post on here! (or 2, or 100… whatever he can do!) I want some of his recipes, and the food I’ve been seeing him make lately look AMAZING! So, if you see another person posting, it’s on purpose, I promise!! Who knows…. maybe we will collaborate on a cookbook one day! Or a FOOD TRUCK! Or…. cook the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER! 🙂

Anyway… that’s what’s happening!

Oh, and I will be posting my new favorite brownie recipe later… IT’S AMAZING… and FLOUR free! WHAT?! Yes!


And, for my song of the day: (You’ll be able to tell what I saw over the weekend)


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