Planning, working, trying to keep up!


Last month I started a new “venture”. Selling Rodan and Fields! Now, I am truly excited about this!!! I have spoken with different people who sell all different products in so many network marketing companies, and I only want to get involved in something that I use regularly, and truly believe in. TRULY. And, Rodan and Fields hit home! I never thought I’d get involved in a network marketing company either.
Back in November my aunt started telling me about Rodan and Fields. I remember reading about the company, and remembering when I had used ProActiv when I was in high school, and then again when I was first married. I saw that they had developed regimens for people other than teenagers who had acne, or “trouble” skin! I visited my aunt in MN and got to try a mini-facial… and LOVED it! I went home thinking about the products, and skin care, and just not ready to make up my mind yet. I had a part time job, 2 kids, a crazy house-hold and a drawer full of products to try and take care of my skin issues that I had. I had enlarged pores that I couldn’t keep clean, and therefore kept getting black heads! My kitchen, when I’m cooking, gets incredibly hot, therefore, I sweat, and I wipe my hands across my face… (bad habit) and would get pimples on my chin, jaw and forehead. ESPECIALLY during my period! I literally tried EVERYTHING. From all natural products, to boutique department store products, to products from big box stores. With coupons, without coupons, generic, name brand, pore strips… NOTHING worked! Seriously. I was going to resort to MORE makeup, and more covering up products… slathering it on to hopefully cover up my blotchy pink spots on either side of my nose, my dry patchy flaky skin on my cheeks, my massive pores on my forehead and cheeks, pimples on my chin and jawline.. fine lines starting to form on my forehead and around my eyes. I SOUND like a mess huh?! Some of it may have been my perception… BUT I am 31 and starting to realize that I am getting older, and I don’t have DEEP wrinkles yet, but wanted to start taking care of my skin NOW. I am half Swedish, and realized LONG ago that the sun is not my friend. I am a sunscreen fiend, but still have freckles, but do my best to minimize sun damage. So, I finally said, Rodan+Fields seems to answer all of these issues. By the time I came to this answer, I had quit my job, started picking cooking and photography back up as hobbies, and wanted a way to support those hobbies, save for a Disney trip, and help out with an income in the house WITHOUT having to leave my kiddos with someone. I called my aunt, and not only started USING Rodan+Fields, I became a consultant. Within the first week I realized why this company has exploded! I realize why, when it started in retail at Nordstroms, that Estee Lauder bought them out! I realize why the Doctors then bought the company back from Estee Lauder (And why Estee Lauder still wanted 5% ownership of the company), to give all of those people who LOVED the products and were spreading the word, a chance to get commission AND a discount, when they told their friends how much they loved Rodan+Fields when people noticed their beautiful skin! 
My pores are quickly getting smaller, my skin is smoother and brighter. I went to CHURCH yesterday, all dressed up, and just a little bit of blush on! I was GOING to wear mascara also…but forgot. And you know what? I wasn’t embarrassed! I LOVE my skin! I haven’t felt that way since I was probably … 14?! I no longer feel the need to cover up my skin. I am healing and taking care of my skin, and making it more beautiful every day.  I personally use the REDEFINE regimen, and that helps with my pores. When I get that random pimple when my pores are trying to clear out, I use the Dual Creme product from the UNBLEMISH line, and it’s about gone by the next day. When it’s hot outside, or when I’m cooking, and my face is a bit oily, I use the oil control lotion from the UNBLEMISH line, and my skin looks like I put translucent powder on… and it’s just my skin! 

I could go on and on, but I won’t. Call me, message me, or if you live near me, stop by! I’ll talk to you more about this amazing company, and their products from the still in practice dermatologists who just want to help people have beautiful skin, and to feel good about themselves.


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